1. YES! Having a ton of packages under the tree is one of my favorite memories as a child (my grandparents went crazy) and I want to give that to my daughter too, so I totally get it! Christmas is for giving! Who better to give to than your kiddos!

    • mommastacey

      A tree without gifts under it is one of the saddest things to me. I have to have packages under there by the end of the day that we get it. I totally agree! Why wouldn’t I give to my kids in the season of giving! Have a great Holiday season!

  2. Yes! It is insane how much emphasis is put on not buying stuff for your kids at Christmas. We just left Disneyland; I took my daughter there for the first time. She’s five. I went crazy and spoiled her. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. We’ll get back home, and she’ll go back to having to save money in her piggy bank for toys she wants. We have to spoil our kids for the big occasions. That’s part of the fun of being a kid. And it also teaches them to spoil themselves when they’re older. Which is also so important!

    • mommastacey

      Oh I bet you had a blast at Disneyland Shanna! We can’t wait to go and plan to make it big too! We have a jar labeled Dimes for Disney and my 4 year old will often ask “Is that a dime? Can we put it in the jar?” lol. We’re just waiting till they are a couple years older so they remember more.

  3. I like to spoil at Christmas too, but we also try and focus on other people with some sort of giving. I think it is a balance, and my kids are very empathetic little humans that care about people a lot. I say spoil away!

    • mommastacey

      Exactly my point Dara. You can’t get, but still learn the meaning of giving. It is about balance and there’s no guilt in that.

  4. I agree with every ounce of this. They are only little once! Getting gifts from Santa is so exciting, and watching their excitement is my favorite thing about Christmas. We spoil our kids, too!

    • mommastacey

      Let them be Little!! Their smiles and excitement is the single best thing about Christmas! That’s my gift to myself!

  5. I’ll say-we spoil our kids too-but not at Xmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas, as we prefer to celebrate Jesus death instead of his birth. ( Bible)
    But we do a family cabin twice a year, And our families go nuts with the presents for the kiddos! And this is two times a year that we say let’s go buck wild LOL get them whatever you want and spoil them as they don’t get to get it any other time!!!! So don’t feel any shame in spoiling your kids!

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