All About Me

Hello all! Welcome to Mommin’ 365!

My name is Stacey and I’m a wife and Mamma to two girls. Mommin’ is what I do 24/7/365. In addition to keeping up with our own kids, I also run a daycare in our home. Its all kids around here!

Being a mom is the toughest, most exhausting job I’ve ever had. It is also the coolest thing I will ever do. I love watching them grow, change and learn everyday. Honestly, I wouldn’t give up my time with them for anything, but with that comes the huge sacrifice of me. There are many days when I feel completely lost in the fog of this whole big Mom life. ¬†Although, I know that I am not alone in this, some days I feel like I am. That is why I wanted to create a space to connect with all the mammas out there who are also digging through each day lost in the fog. Most days I consider it a win if I can fake it enough to make myself think I know what I’m doing (do any of us have a clue?).

So if you swing by Mommin’ 365 for a visit, take a look around, check out a mom hack here and there, a d.i.y. that might have turned out as planned or grab a book, curl up in the chair and read with us. Mostly, I hope you can leave here knowing that you are not alone in this messy Mom life. We’re all friends here, no judgements, so send me an email, click on over to Facebook or Instagram, leave a comment of two and lets become friends. You can never have too many people in your support group!